Who we help.

We all draw on financial resources and human connections to help us through challenging times.

People who come to Yad Chessed often have two “empty buckets,” meaning they lack financial resources and a social support system. They reach out to us when they have nowhere else to turn.

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Snapshot of who we serve

Yad Chessed helps people across our Jewish community who face financial and complex challenges. Here’s a snapshot of those whose lives are positively impacted by Yad Chessed's support and guidance.


live on $24,000 or less a year


of households with children at home are led by single parents


have a college or graduate degree


between ages 50 and 70


Our clients are your neighbors, friends and families in more than 151 cities and towns across Massachusetts and surrounding regions.

Icon Testimonies

“When Yad Chessed called me, I broke down in tears. That I had actually been addressed in a respectful, dignified and caring way reconfirmed the difference that we human beings can make in each other’s lives.”

Icon Testimonies

“I am a child survivor of the Holocaust, and was left without my parents from the age of 3. Now as an adult living in subsidized housing, I turned to Yad Chessed for help when my medical needs became too much for my fixed income."

Financial assistance

"I never expected to be in a situation where I was at risk of eviction, but Yad Chessed’s support has seen me through. I am thankful and humbled."

Guidance and referrals

“Thank you again for all of your help and attention during a terrifying time for me and my family. Having someone check up on us, brainstorm ideas, refer us to services, and give advice made a huge difference and meant we didn't have to sleep in our car."

Special circumstances

"Without your kindness and special efforts on my behalf, I don’t know how I would be able to survive the housing and health challenges that I’ve faced."

Help Starts Here

Help starts here

Yad Chessed builds, fortifies, and unites our entire community by creating avenues for all to support one another through the mitzvot of chessed (kindness) and tzedakah (charity)