Yad Chessed: "hand of loving kindness"

We all deserve a helping hand.

Yad Chessed supports Jewish individuals and families by alleviating economic distress and helping them reach financial stability.

Are you Jewish and in need of help?

Our Jewish community is caring and resilient. Yad Chessed is here to connect those who need help with resources and case manager support.

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From free legal advice to finding housing support, we want to connect you with the services you need. Use the Resource Hub to locate free or reduced cost counseling and other resources in your community. Enter your zip code and select a category to find an available resource.

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Help starts here

Yad Chessed builds, fortifies, and unites our entire community by creating avenues for all to support one another through the mitzvot of chessed (kindness) and tzedakah (charity).


Our clients are your neighbors, friends, and families in more than 151 cities and towns across Massachusetts and surrounding regions.

Icon Testimonies

“You gave us the privilege of a grocery gift card to go shopping for ourselves and helped us with the rent at our worst. It bought us time … Thank you.”

Special circumstances

“Yad Chessed has been the warmest welcome to a community when I was fleeing one that did not help me. Thanks for thinking of us as people and not as statistics.”

The who

Yad Chessed supports Jewish individuals and families by alleviating economic distress and helping them reach financial stability. For more details about eligibility, please fill out our intake form above or leave a message on our intake line at 781-487-2693.

The why

We are an extension of the Jewish communal family for people who have limited financial and human resources available to them. At a time when many people are isolated, dispersed, and disconnected from family members and support networks, Yad Chessed offers a modern way to fulfill the age-old mitzvot (good deeds) of tzedakah (charity) and chessed (loving kindness). Everyone in our community deserves a safety net.

The how

Yad Chessed provides swift emergency financial assistance and expert advice to Jewish people in need in Massachusetts and surrounding regions. Yad Chessed's team of social workers helps each client on their path toward financial stability through financial assistance, food support, and compassionate guidance. Yad Chessed's programs are funded exclusively by individual donors and foundations from our caring and compassionate community.

Yad Chessed News

Purim With Yad Chessed

Yad Chessed was featured on JewishBoston.com for our Purim efforts. “In the weeks leading up to Purim, Yad Chessed reaches out to rabbis, community leaders, synagogues and schools to connect with people who are facing financial hardship. Any Jewish community member who is struggling can receive a Purim food voucher, as well as individuals and families who currently receive year-round support from Yad Chessed,” Kriegel explains.

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Celebrating Passover

Our Passover traditions include the mitzvah of Maot Chitim – the giving of “wheat money” to people in need so that they can afford to celebrate the holiday. Join us in nurturing and supporting those who are most fragile among us, so everyone in our Jewish community can purchase the foods they need for Passover. Make a gift today, and “let all who are hungry come and eat.”

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Support for Israelis in time of crisis

Yad Chessed social workers are available to address the unique needs of Israelis in financial distress who seek refuge in our Greater Boston Jewish community. Our team is here to swiftly provide emergency financial assistance and supermarket gift cards to Israeli families in need as well as help them connect to additional available resources. If you or someone you know needs help, email intake@yadchessed.com or call (781) 487-2693.

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Adult B’nai Mitzvah Class honors milestone with Tzedakah

“We chose Yad Chessed as we wanted to support a local Jewish organization and Yad Chessed's mission spoke to us,” said Temple Beth Elohim B’nai Mitzvah class participant Martha Fagan. “We were all impressed with the variety of help you offer and the wide reach of your services. Helping those in need with dignity and respect is Tikkun Olam in action.”

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